After a long time following the wrong tracks (profession - earn money) I (Wieser Gerhard 02081955) have come home (Comic world). Drawing (learning self-sufficiently from krixi kraxi to... judge for yourselves). Writing (fantasy was always there).

Now you know me, let's move on to the Why and How.

Why: there are many and more creative people out there and all have to live...survive...so for users the following shoud apply "I support this."

As consumers, we all support mainly monster...big...dog-eat-dog capitalism companies (publishers...chain stores...greedy...investors...corporations). Does it have to be like that...No.

The solution.
How: We look for...find small entrepreneurs (creative people). We see, hear, feel, the offered goods and decide - don't like - free - like - value...price...OK. "We pay for goods we like".
PS: If you like that, advertise for creative people (share addresses with friends and contacts. Thank you.)